…as in Off to a GREAT START

Helping entrepreneurs get investors to “YES”


Follow step-by-step instructions to capture your business idea as a set of assumptions. As TurboTax guides you through tax preparation, Offtoa guides you through building pro forma projections.


Offtoa creates your assumption-based financial statements automatically, without relying on an accountant. You’ll be able to understand and communicate your startup’s potential in the language of investors.


Analyze and quantify the strength of your plan with the OfftoaScore™. Hone your ideas by investigating multiple scenarios. As your hypotheses change, pivot with confidence towards growth and profitability.


Offtoa helps you create a compelling business case to approach investors. Before you enter the Shark Tank, you’ll have seen an “investor’s hat” analysis of your assumptions, and have your Capitalization Table and expected Internal Rate of Return in hand.

A tool built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

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