Learn the Impact of Business Decisions. Understand Your Financial Statements.

Offtoa creates your assumption-based financial statements automatically, without relying on an accountant. You’ll be able to understand and communicate your startup’s potential in the language of investors.  As you quantify your assumptions, Offtoa will help you understand the impact of those decisions on your bottom line.

Instantly Assess the Impact of Change

At any moment, you can “toggle the Scoreboard” to access the OfftoaScore–an instantaneous snapshot of how your business in performing in each of thirteen key financial metrics, and summarized into a single number.  When you change an assumption, the Scoreboard will immediately reflect the change.

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Understand your Financial Statements

Once you’ve entered your assumptions, Offtoa will generate your pro-forma income statements.  You’ll see your revenues, costs, expenses, and your bottom line.   You’ll understand when your company will reach profitability, and you’ll have well-developed financial statements to approach investors.  If you’d like, you can download the statements to Microsoft Excel to print, share, or manipulate.

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Drill down by Product, by Customer Segment, by Market

While you examine your financial statements, you can organize the information to show revenue by market, to reveal the income generated by each of your core products, or to examine the number of customers your business has acquired.

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Analyze Problems.  Find Solutions.

Offtoa will perform an “investor’s hat” analysis of your business across 50 analytical dimensions.  For each issue that it finds, Offtoa will identify the severity, highlight the specific place in your financial statements where the problem appears, and suggest which assumptions could be changed to address the problem.

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Once you’ve created your financial statements, Offtoa wants to walk with you as you confirm your hypothesis, pivot or stay the course, and grow your business.

Does this sounds like a tool your business could use?  If so, we’d love to help you get  started with a free account today!