Biz Journal Covers Offtoa on Start Up Financial Planning

Today’s Colorado Springs Business Journal included an article about Al Davis’s recent “investor pitch” about how to pitch to investors to maximize the likelihood that they will be favorably impressed by your financial planning and the projections you are making. See page 10 of May 2 issue at (It usually takes csbj a few days to post their online digital version, so if you are reading this blog post immediately after I’m posting it, you may need to check back in a few days to find the article :)). The article includes testimonies from two entrepreneurs who explain how critical their financial planning is to their ability to project a positive image to potential investors. Although a tool like is needed to create financials from business assumptions, the PowerPoint pitch given to potential investors usually includes just three slides on financials: (1) assumptions, (2) a brief summary of key financial results for 5 years, and (3) a proposed cap table.

CSBJ ArticleCSBJ Article