Our Story

Our Story – “Have the startup professor in your corner”

Our founder is Al Davis. After his first startup had an IPO in 1995, and–after a publicly traded company acquired his second in 1997–he started mentoring dozens of startups. For many of these, he interviewed the founders and constructed pro forma financial statements for them, which they used to successfully approach investors. When he realized the value of this service, he started building prototypes of a tool to automate this process. In 2013, he founded Offtoa with his son, Mike, around this idea.

Built to help new companies get investors to “yes”

Offtoa™ assists entrepreneurs at a crucial moment—as they prepare to approach investors. By creating solid pro forma financial statements, Offtoa helps startup companies understand their financial state­ments, pivot with confidence, and get investors to “yes.”

  • Entrepreneurs speak the language of customer validation and product milestones.
  • Investors speak the language of financial statements and investment returns.

Offtoa bridges this communication gap. In the same way that TurboTax® guides taxpayers through a series of questions to produce tax returns, Offtoa guides entrepreneurs through questions about their business strategy to produce financial statements, and provides an “investor’s hat” business analysis to prepare them to confidently approach investors.

The Value Proposition – “Plan, Learn, Pivot, Grow”

  • Plan – Offtoa guides users in defining all their business assumptions
  • Learn – Offtoa provides pro forma financials and analyzes them for investor-readiness
  • Pivot – After you start your company and need to adjust assumptions, Offtoa keeps you on the right track
  • Grow – The more you pivot while staying on course, the closer you get to success

The Company – “By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”

  • We’re a lean startup: We iterate constantly, we design experiments to test our assumptions, we consume few resources, and we grow from referrals from satisfied clients.
  • We understand the importance of entrepreneurship:  All our employees have a history of work with new enterprises, and a passion for mentorship, possibility, and growth.  Our company embraces a culture of enthusiasm, quality, and long-term commitment.
  • We connect with the community:  Our business is rooted in the startup centers of Colorado’s Front Range.  We connect with the entrepreneurs in our community and work with them to grow their businesses.

Our user interface is far from perfect. We’re looking for customers who understand this, but see the high value that our product provides. We listen to their feedback as we make changes, and grow Offtoa through referrals and viral marketing. Although we upgrade constantly, we’re planning a major new release for summer 2014. You can connect with us by signing up for an account at Offtoa.com, following us on LinkedIn, or following us on Twitter at @Offtoa.

Offtoa is a trademark of Offtoa, Inc. and TurboTax is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.