Pivot with Confidence. Understand How You’ll Grow.

If you opt for an ESSENTIALS or PREMIUM account, you’ll be able to hone your ideas by investigating multiple scenarios.  As your hypotheses change, pivot with confidence towards growth and profitability.  At any moment, you can “Toggle the Control Panel” to switch between scenarios, or create new ones.

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Create a Compelling Business Case

Offtoa helps you build a strong pitch to approach investors. Before you enter the Shark Tank, you’ll have seen an “investor’s hat” analysis of your assumptions, and have your  Cash Flow Statement, Capitalization Table, and expected Internal Rate of Return in hand.

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Revisit Your Assumptions.  Project Your Growth.

As you build your business and prepare for investment, Offtoa wants to walk with your company.  When you confirm hypothesis, you can revisit your assumptions and immediately see the impact on your bottom line.  As you learn what truly drives your company’s growth, you can use each of several sales models to adjust course when necessary, and successfully plan for future.

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 12.51.42 PM Estimate your future sales by Customer Acquisition Cost, or drive growth through dollars spent or time dedicated.  However you plan to grow your business, Offtoa supports you by communicating your plan in the language of your investors.

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If this sounds like something that will help your business, we’d like to get you started with a free account today!