Plan Your Business Strategy. Let Us Build the Financial Models.

Use OfftoaTM to capture your business idea as a set of assumptions.   As TurboTaxTM guides the tax-payer step-by-step through a set of questions, produces tax returns, and performs an online audit, Offtoa guides the entrepreneur through questions on their business strategy, produces pro-forma financial statements, and conducts a business analysis focused on the INVESTOR’S priorities.

Tailored to your Business.  Insight from your Industry.

Offtoa will guide you through the assumptions you need to quantify your business assumptions.  Since Offtoa includes data from a broad range of industries, you’ll have the insights on what to consider and what your investors will expect as you build your business strategy.

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Entrepreneurs don’t always know what is expected from companies in their new industry.  When appropriate, Offtoa will prompt you with assumptions that are common to businesses that you will be competing with.

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Capture the Complexity. Demonstrate the Value.

You run a sophisticated business–you shouldn’t have to wrestle with a complicated financial model.  Offtoa will break down the complex task of understanding your business’s finances into a set of simple questions.  Offtoa will walk you through the process of entering information on the products you sell, the prices you charge, the market’s you’ve entered.

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Whether your company is in manufacturing, services, or distribution, Offtoa will help you capture your expenses, your costs, and your revenues.  Offtoa accounts for the time delays, material waste, and assumptions comprise your businesses operations.  They’ll be included automatically in calculations of your revenues, cash flow, and expenses.

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 Expenses, Debts, and Investment

Most new companies will need infusions of cash to succeed.  Whether you take on loans or seek investment, Offtoa will help you understand the impact of those decisions on your cash flow and your growth potential.

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See how Offtoa will use these tools to produce your pro-forma financial statements, and give you insight on your company’s finances.

If this sounds like a tool that can help your business, we’d love to help you get started with a free account today.