Team of skilled designers and business people working together on a project

Want to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Offtoa has released a crowdfunding project on Fundable,, aimed at raising capital and ultimately providing new features that our customers are requesting.

150 entrepreneurs have used Offtoa during the past two years to help them launch their businesses by automatically generating financial statements from just their business assumptions.

Most entrepreneurs have to iterate their assumptions several times to determine if their business ideas are feasible, and if so, how much cash they would need. Once they have credible financial statements, they can

  • demonstrate to lenders and investors that they understand their product, market, and team, and
  • hone their business strategies to optimize financial results.

Now it is time for Offtoa to raise some cash so we can help many more aspiring entrepreneurs and give them additional features. We’ve set a goal of raising $15,000 in 60 days. If we don’t raise at least that much in that time frame, then we won’t get anything at all, and we won’t be able to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We really need your help. We created some terrific rewards in exchange for your pledges. They include access to Offtoa itself, cool Offtoa hats, copies of my latest book, and personal startup consulting time from me. If you just want to contribute to our success, and the success of others, you can pledge any amount using Tier A.

Select this link now to get all the details along with information about Offtoa, our product, and our vision.   You can also check us out here: