Pro forma financial statements that tell you when your business can be profitable.

With Offtoa's step-by-step guidance, you can craft a solid financial strategy for all your business ideas.

Transform Business Details Into Strategies

Translate your business details into a set of assumptions that allow you to compare different business strategies so that you can select the best plan. As your business changes and grows, modify your business details to automatically reflect your new ideas.

Generate Financial Statements & Business Reports

Save time and avoid the pain of complicated spreadsheets allowing you to spend time running your business.

Generate pro forma financial statements for your business as well as in-depth business reports such as capitalization table, valuation, IRR, and more.

Balance Sheet Report
Cap Table and Cash Flow Statement Reports

Receive Business Insights

Pinpoint areas of opportunity to improve your business and uncover solutions.

Use the Offtoa Scoreboard to view the financial health of your business, both the strengths and potential risks.
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